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Middle School

  • David Porter

    Director of Upper School
    M.A., Comparative Literature, University of Utah
    B.A., English, University of North Texas  • 307.734.9866

    David graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor's degree in English and went on to receive his Master's in Comparative Literature from the University of Utah. David is a founding faculty member of Journeys School. He has taught English and French at the college and high school levels since 1994. His graduate school studies focused on literary theory, 19th and 20th century Continental philosophy, French feminism, and North African French literature. David’s current professional interests include study of the power of myth in antiquity and today, as well as how culture positively and negatively affects the individual. David teaches students to have an empowered voice in writing and in speech.

  • Ethan Lobdell

    Lead Middle School Faculty
    B.A., Computer Science with Minor in Mathematics, Vassar College  • 307.734.9855

    Ethan has taught in public and private school classrooms of New Hampshire, New York and Wyoming. He has also worked for outdoor programs located in Costa Rica, Canada and Cape Cod. He believes students learn best through experience and in the value of rigorous math study. Ethan loves to cook, travel, ski, climb and do just about anything he can that involves food, friends and the outdoors.

  • Kate Schelbe

    K-12 Coordinator of Faculty Training and Operations

    B.A., Spanish & Latin American Studies, Emory University • 307.734.9871

    Kate received her Bachelor’s degree at Emory University, in Atlanta, Georgia with a major in Spanish Literature and Latin American Studies. Upon graduating, Kate moved to Jackson to pursue her love of the mountains and develop her professional interest of second language instruction.  This is Kate’s sixth year of teaching at Journeys School. Her previous teaching experience includes teaching English as a second language to kindergarten through sixth grade students at Teton Literacy Program. Kate is dedicated to teaching because it combines the things that she is most passionate about; working with energetic youth and exploring what it means to be a global minded citizen in the 21st century.

  • Sarah Kate Gessford

    Middle School Science Faculty
    M.Ed., Interdisciplinary Science Education, Montana State University
    Graduate Program of Teton Science Schools
    B.A., Biochemistry, Lewis & Clark College • 307.734.9843

    Having investigated the biological basis of learning and memory formation in her undergraduate thesis, she bridges the science of learning with teaching the concepts and skills of science. Sarah Kate encourages young people to become scientifically-literate citizens by asking questions about the world around them, collecting pertinent data, drawing thoughtful and informed conclusions, and engaging in argument based on evidence. Her current focus is integration of engineering design to enhance classroom curricula.

  • John Williams

    Middle School Social Studies Faculty
    B.A., International Relations and Economics, Colgate University

    After fulfilling a lifelong dream to ski out west for a winter, John served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Suriname for two years. By living in a Surinamese jungle village with the Saramaccan people, he realized the joy in empowering others to achieve their goals and passing along the values, skills and knowledge which are most important to him. His passion for the mountains and desire to enthuse positive change in the world led him to Journeys School where he is excited to be a member of the Middle School team! When he’s not teaching, John enjoys skiing, rock climbing, ice hockey and live music.

  • Jon Wall

    Middle School English Faculty
    B.S., English Literature, Northeastern University

    Jon Wall was born in Boston, Massachusetts. After roaming the eastern metropolis for years, he got his degree in English Literature and then taught High School English in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. In 2009 he moved West with dreams of open places and landscapes that stir the heart. In teaching, Jon seeks moments in the classroom that provoke creativity and independent thought outside of it. In addition to teaching, Jon enjoys hockey, dance parties (occasionally) photography, swimming in hurricanes, and Swedish automobiles of a very particular vintage.

  • Katelynn Clement

    Middle School Math and Design Faculty
    B.A. Religious Studies, Yale University 

    Katelynn began her teaching journey in New Orleans, LA with Teach For America, an organization working for educational equity in urban and rural school districts. She taught high school math at all levels for two years, and spent one year as the head of data, finance and operations at G.W. Carver Senior High School. Her love of science and nature, and her desire to learn from innovative schools, moved her from New Orleans to to the Journeys School. Katelynn loves to play soccer, swim in all bodies of water, and walk through the woods.


  • Wendy Russell

    Middle School Spanish Faculty
    BA Geography/Spanish, Kent State University, OH
    MA Spanish Middlebury College Summer Language School, VT (in process) 

    Wendy began teaching in 1997. Since then she has taught Spanish in NH, VT and CO in both public and private schools. Most recently she has been teaching Immersion ESL and Second Language Acquisition Pedagogy Workshops to public school teachers in Mexico for Dartmouth College. Wendy resides in Driggs with her husband and son and when not in the classroom can usually be found exploring the roads and trails of the Teton Valley on her various bicycles.

  • Kelly Samuels

    Middle School Science Faculty
    B.A. Biology and Educations, St. Mary's College of Maryland

    Kelly studied Biology and Education at St. Mary's College of Maryland where she quickly realized science is an amazing body of content and a verb to be shared with students! Following a stint of working at a lab in Seattle, she attended the Graduate Program of Teton Science Schools and is thrilled to be continuing on in this community teaching science at the Middle School. Kelly strives to teach students that science is a way of looking at the world that hinges on inquiring about what is around us, collaborating with fellow scientists (peers), evaluating evidence and sharing knowledge.

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