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Place Schools is a Teton Science Schools initiative to create a network of micro-schools and blended learning options connecting curriculum with community. The Place Schools Program inspires global citizenship through local learning. The program is a comprehensive blended-learning program for K-12 students and teachers that combines an online learning experience with a place-based approach. Interdisciplinary study and project learning pathways teach students to better understand and engage in local communities and understand global challenges through an innovative academic program. While students will be retrieving curricula online, they will be interacting in and engaging with the community within which they live.

Contact: For more information, contact nate.mcclennen@tetonscience.org.


  1. Competency-based: Each unit builds to the demonstration of understanding on a competency. Each competency is comprised of one or more performance indicators.

  2. Place-based: Student learning is embedded in local, regional, or global communities when appropriate.

  3. Design focused: Each unit culminates in a design challenge that is driven by the student and guided by the online faculty to lead students to understand their own agency/solution making in a community.

  4. Learner centered: Unit progression by design moves from a more teacher-driven approach to a more student-driven approach. Students self-pace and self-organize to monitor and complete learning pathways.

  5. Project-based: Integrated learning pathways guide students through thematic open-ended projects that end with a design challenge.

  6. Relevant: All assignments are designed to be relevant to the student experience or modern world.

  7. Integrated: Each unit focuses on an essential question which integrates the curriculum.Technology-enabled: Each unit can be taken individually or tied together to create a quarter, trimester, semester, or year worth of credit. The material is delivered and assessed online.

  8. Social: The curriculum is designed to maximize student interaction with peers, professionals, and community-members to increase authenticity and agency.

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