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List of events occurring in the next 6 months starting on Jan. 16, 2017

  • Place-Based Education Workshop: Embedded in your Field Education Program

    Monday Aug 1, 2016 - Monday Jul 31, 2017
    Teacher Learning Center
    Teton Science Schools is offering a professional development program focused on place-based education while schools visit for Field Education programs. The Introduction to Place-Based Education program includes an evening program, a day of observation...
  • End of 1st Semester, grades 6-12

    Friday Jan 20, 2017
    Journeys School
  • Open House

    Saturday Jan 21, 2017
    Teton Valley Community School
  • Snow Science Workshop

    Friday Feb 3, 2017 - Sunday Feb 5, 2017
    Teacher Learning Center
    While days may be short and nights long, winter time presents a new world to explore and opportunities to engage students in the study and practice of science. This course focuses on snow science through lectures and inquiry-based field laboratories. T...
  • Re-Enrollment Deadline

    Friday Feb 3, 2017
    Teton Valley Community School
  • Community Film Screening

    Wednesday Feb 8, 2017
    Teton Valley Community School
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