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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the community like in the Graduate Program?

 Nestled into the Gros Ventre Mountains on the eastern edge of Grand Teton National Park, our Graduate Program is a close knit community. It is a living and learning environment that provides a rich and exceptional experience not found in more impersonal programs. Together, we study ecology, reflect on teaching, and track animals on skis. From our initial trek across the Teton Crest to the final, Capstone practicum, the community aspect of the program contributes to significant personal and professional development. Commitment to building relationships and developing as a conscientious community member is essential to a successful experience.

Will I receive a Master's degree for my year at Teton Science Schools?

Teton Science Schools is not a degree granting institution. We have found that our students come from diverse backgrounds and many seek degrees across a broad range of disciplines. While students earn up to 32 credits during their year, these credits are drawn across several disciplines, including education and natural sciences. We have found that this system provides the greatest flexibility for our students while maintaining a high level of academic standards.

Which universities accept these credits?

The credits that students earn are “banked” at our partner universities. Initially, this includes Utah State University and the University of Wyoming. Some students choose to bank their credits at the University of Idaho. While each of these schools has academic programs to accept these credits toward the completion of a Master's degree, some students choose to complete their degree at a different university. Most graduate schools accept a number of transfer credits from another accredited institution, and this number can vary from 8-18, according to each institution's residency requirement and/or credit transfer policy.

If my credits are being banked at these universities, do I have to apply to these schools before I begin my Teton Science Schools experience?

No. These schools recognize the Graduate Program and faculty as extensions of their own programs, and as a result, you can begin your experience without matriculating. Typically, students begin the process of matriculation in January in order to seamlessly continue with their studies following their Teton Science Schools experience. Also, making these decisions early provides the greatest opportunity to secure graduate or teaching assistantships and scholarships. Representatives of these schools visit Teton Science Schools in the fall to answer questions about school programs and support options.

What if I have no interest in completing a Master's degree?

No problem. We have had a number of students make their Teton Science Schools experience their only graduate experience. The unique combination of theory and application makes Teton Science Schools graduate experience a powerful culminating educational experience. Additionally, we have had several students, who have already completed Master's degrees, come to this program for continuing studies.

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