Teton Science Schools

Educating for a Vibrant World

  • Thursday November 15, 2012
  • Graduate Program Begins 19th Year

    The rough-legged hawk sits patiently on the fencepost. Elk move down from higher elevations as snow begins to fill the valley. Aspen leaves, half decomposed, rustle through the understory as cold winds usher in winter
  • The Impact of Our Mission

    Twelve bright-eyed high school sophomores from Carson High School in South Central Los Angeles woke up on a November Monday morning in cabins on the Kelly campus of Teton Science Schools
  • Knowing Every Student

    Every morning a group of faculty are at the front of school greeting, conversing and engaging each student and parent that arrives. Very few slip by without at least a hello or good morning.
  • Wednesday August 29, 2012
  • The “Why?” Behind our New TSS Logo

    We’ve created a new logo! Over the last two decades TSS has grown dramatically. We now encompass seven strong program areas each with a proven approach to achieving our mission to connect people, nature and place through education, science and stewardship.
  • Thursday August 16, 2012
  • Back to School

    As I walked around the middle and high school building on Monday night, I observed small groups of engaged teachers collaborating on a technology challenge
  • New CRC Research Director Joins TSS

    Educator and Ecologist, Dr. Kevin Krasnow, joins the TSS community as Research Director of the Conservation Research Center and graduate faculty.


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