• Thursday August 18, 2011
  • A Bird In The Hand Is Worth…

    ...A lifetime of interest and stewardship in the natural world! Up-close encounters with beautiful, wild birds grab our visitor’s eyes, while linking our actions to their well-being puts consequence into thought. Our research tries to understand how development like houses affects riparian
  • Grizzly Cub Exchange

    Late in July, a cub-exchange occurred between two female grizzly bears in Grand Teton National Park. This spring, fifteen-year-old grizzly bear #399 (a research number assigned to her in 2001) emerged from her winter den with three cubs, while 399’s five-year-old daughter, #610,
  • Saturday July 30, 2011
  • Wyoming Wildlife Wonders: Yellowstone Experiences & Action Projects

    Watching Old Faithful was amazing. It had a few false starts, but when it finally went it was beautiful. We all learned that the geyser has a short and long length. The short length was 80 feet which is what we saw and the long was around 180 feet.
  • Thursday July 28, 2011
  • High School Field Ecology: The Backcountry

    Welcome to a very special edition of the High School Field Ecology 2011 blog, brought to you not by just two members of la familia, but four real live--yes we survived the backcountry trip-students! In accordance with the increased number of authors, this particular blog entry will cover not just part of
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  • Wyoming Wildlife Wonders: Day 4

    Today we went on a hike around Taggart Lake. The hike up there was so beautiful. The weather was amazing and the view was spectacular. We are super excited about going to Yellowstone tomorrow to camp. We practiced setting up our tents and talked about what to pack for tomorrow.
  • Wednesday July 27, 2011
  • Wyoming Wildlife Wonders: Day 3

    On Monday night we watched a very inspiring movie. It was called “Don’t Fence Me In” and it was about women in Wyoming. A few people stuck out a lot though. A woman named Misty worked for an air mill. She was a single mom with two children. She loves her job and does it well. Two others stuck