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  • Thursday November 17, 2011
  • 2011 Journeys School State of the School (Video)

    The Journeys School State of the School address is now available online! If you were unable to attend the event on November 9th, please click here to view Head of School Nate McClennen’s discussion on the philosophy, vision and future of Journeys School.
  • Wyoming Wildlife - The Foundation Supports Local Bird Research

    Last spring, Wyoming Wildlife - The Foundation awarded the Conservation Research Center $2,500 to support our avian research and education programs. Foundation funding was essential to many of our successes this year. A few highlights include:
  • Behind the Scenes at the Houston Zoo

    Several years ago Wildlife Expeditions and the Houston Zoo began a partnership providing a wonderful Yellowstone and Grand Teton Experience. The Houston Zoo has a long history of committing to wildlife conservation around the globe. The Zoo works closely with researchers in Zimbabwe, Borneo, the Houston Metro area and other locales.
  • Thursday October 13, 2011
  • Delicious Food to Raise Thousands: Bunnery Benefit

    Tony Labbé runs The Bunnery with energy and enthusiasm. Sipping a 5-shot latte – only one shot caffeinated – he troubleshoots a technology hang up while simultaneously inspecting a pan of fresh pastries. Tony brings that same enthusiasm and energy to The Bunnery Benefit fundraiser
  • The Art of Listening

    “Alright, 10 more seconds!” I shout back to the bus of excited 7th graders. The bus erupts into a crescendo of laughter, singing, and incomprehensible noise. 10 more seconds to be noisy and loud before total silence during our evening with the elk. “9, 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1! Quiet!” The bus
  • Faculty Publishes Place-Based Writing

    Understanding our Place, Jackson Hole and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, is one of our goals here in the Graduate Program. However, many of us have come from different Places and understanding those homes – the geology, flora, fauna, history, economy, and neighbors – is vital.


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