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  • Thursday October 13, 2011
  • Faculty Publishes Place-Based Writing

    Understanding our Place, Jackson Hole and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, is one of our goals here in the Graduate Program. However, many of us have come from different Places and understanding those homes – the geology, flora, fauna, history, economy, and neighbors – is vital.
  • 3rd Wyoming Youth Congress on Children and Nature

    The 3rd Wyoming Youth Congress on Children & Nature and the first Junior Leadership Wyoming program will kick off on October 27 - 30, 2011. The Wyoming Youth Congress is an event that brings together two 8th graders - a boy and a girl - from each school district in Wyoming. The 8th graders
  • Teaching Innovation

    “It is not working” “The wheel is not spinning” “Why not?” “I do not know” “Let’s try…” And the conversation continued. Another year of robotics has started for our robotics team. This robotics challenge, presented to thousands of students around the globe, has no one correct answer, but
  • Pika Party at Ignight: Support Pika Research

    On Tuesday, October 25 from 5:30 - 8:30 PM, Ignight in Jackson will generously donate 10% of food and beverage purchases to Teton Science Schools’ Pika Research Project. Together with the Meg & Bert Raynes Wildlife Fund, Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation, Nature Mapping Jackson Hole
  • Teton Science Schools Represented at Wildlife Film Fest

    Last week the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival was held at Jackson Lake Lodge. This year Teton Science Schools sponsored the Children's Film Award. It was a great privilege to spend the day among so many who capture the essence of wildlife behavior and habitat with film. I attended a
  • Thursday September 15, 2011
  • Auction a Success, Next Up Grandparent’s Day

    Not even a short and sudden hailstorm could put the damper on swashbuckling fun at Teton Science School’s 34th annual Fundraising Auction. The crowd of 500 who showed up for this year’s treasure hunt themed auction weathered the storm in the furniture tent and rare gems room


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