Teton Science Schools

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Board of Directors & Organizational Documents

Teton Science Schools are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors that operates under standards established by the State of Wyoming. It consists of an amazing and generous group of people who support the organization with their time, knowledge, talent, experience and philanthropy.

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Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Jim Broderick

Will MacNaughton

Jeff Carter

Board Members

Mickey Babcock
Phil Coosaia
Ann Frame
Jack Livingood
Joohee Muromcew
Carl Palmer
H.S. Russell
Mimi Slaughter
David Work

Emeritus Members
Shelby Davis
Addie Donnan
Ralph and Louise Haberfeld
Dick Jones
Jean Jorgensen
Clarke A. Nelson
Jack Nunn
Gilman Ordway
Bob Smith, Ph.D.
Margot Snowdon
David Stokes
Richard Sugden, M.D.
Christy Walton

Ex-Officio Members
Ingrid Burke, Ph.D.
Jacqueline Leonard
Vickie Mates
Sylvia Parker
Milward Simpson

Joan and Ted Major

Organizational Documents

Download Gift Acceptance and Privacy Policies

Download Conflict of Interest Policy

Download Employee Protection (Whistle Blower) Policy

Download Teton Science Schools 2014-2015 Form 990

Download Teton Science Schools 2014 Audited Financial Statement

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