Sustainability Initiative

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Solar Panels
The Jackson Campus has a solar panel system that supplies 4% of total campus energy use.
Bike Commuting
Employees are encouraged to bike to work through incentives offered by Friends of Pathways.
All recyclable materials that the Teton County Recycling Center accepts, including all electronic waste are recycled on both campuses.
Reusable Dishware
Only reusable dishware is used in all dining services.
Native Plants
Only native plant species are used on all campuses to promote a healthy and natural environment.

The Sustainability Initiative at Teton Science Schools is the process of educating about and monitoring Teton Science Schools' natural resource use. This process helps Teton Science Schools understand its environmental, economic, and community impacts and make informed decisions regarding energy use, resource consumption and waste.

Sustainability Committee

The sustainability committee at Teton Science Schools was developed to address sustainability issues within the organiation. The committee consists of board members and staff/faculty from all program areas within the organization. The comittee's purpose is to:

Develop and initiate a plan for sustainability at Teton Science Schools. The plan will incorporate and prioritize ownership for staff, faculty and board members around sustainability initiatives. Integrating educational opportunities, improving infrastructure and reducing consumption and waste will focus the committee's efforts.

Quick Stats

2 9 5,000 7,158
Hybrid Vehicles  High-Performance Buildings Annual kWh of Renewable Energy Employee Miles Biked to Work

Solar Energy Production

Teton Science Schools' Jackson Campus has two solar arrays that serve as educational models for visitors to the campus. The photovoltaic panels produce 4% of the total energy on campus. The panels are grid-tied to take advantage of net metering in the state of Wyoming. Real-time energy production can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

View Real-Time Data for Jackson Campus Solar Array #1 - Located on the Outfitting Building



View Real-Time Data for Jackson Campus Solar Array #2 - Located outside of the Welcome Center. Includes wind speed and temperature.