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Teton Science Schools

In the classroom, in the community and in the wild, Teton Science Schools creates authentic educational experiences for 15,000 learners and leaders every year—the kind of experiences that bring you closer to the people and places all around you, deepen your understanding and give you clarity and courage to make change in your world.

Teton Science Schools is embarking upon a search for the organization’s next Chief Executive Officer, and the Board has partnered with the executive search firm Russell Reynolds on this important journey.

Founded in 1967, TSS shares a rich history with its natural environment, the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. This institution has remained steadfast in its conservation mission while pioneering place-based education, serving preschool to 12th grade students for the region, and seeking innovation through online learning.

We invite you to learn more and help us shape our future.

Search Process


Russell Reynolds is excited to announce the completion of the discovery phase and the official opening of the recruitment phase. View the TSS CEO Position Description and learn more about the opportunity.

If you would like to express interest in the role or nominate a potential candidate, please reach out directly to TetonScienceSchools@russellreynolds.com. We benefit from the multitude and diversity of perspectives our community can offer about the TSS’s next chapter.

If you would like to provide your insights and ideas to the Search Committee, we invite you to participate in our online survey.

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Our Approach to Education

We believe in learner-centered practices implemented by teachers who are lifelong learners in content and craft. Our approach is place-based, connecting learning with community. We define place as the ecological, cultural and economic aspects of a community.

Learning is in our nature

Our Impact

Nearly 15,000

Annual Students

$1.6 Million

in Annual Student Scholarships

96,541 Days

of Learning per Year

Our Locations

Our programs are based at four campuses in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and extend beyond the Tetons to impact students and educators from across the country and around the globe.

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Our Students

Students at Teton Science Schools are curious about the world around them and look for ways to engage and lead in their communities. TSS is committed to equity, striving for systems that enable access for underrepresented communities. As a core value, TSS embraces inclusion by welcoming people from every socioeconomic status, physical and learning ability, race, color, gender, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status and religious background.

Transformative place-based education can only be achieved through a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Our commitment to DEI makes learning more engaging, relevant, impactful and transferable. It also results in a more effective team of teachers and staff. Additionally, our efforts will make place-based education more accessible for teachers and learners.

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