Addie Deupree

Addie’s education path has led her to many places and in learning the stories of those places, she became deeply connected to them. As an educator, she feels the sharing of stories is necessary as it develops empathy and connection in students: to themselves, each other and their places.  Addie started her career as a field educator, teaching science and natural history to students in Maine and California. After several years of working in the field of education in various capacities, she moved into the classroom and taught science at the secondary level. In this more formal setting, her experience varied and included working in small independent schools, public schools, and an international boarding school. Although more of her professional work has been in the classroom, those early years of field teaching deeply influenced how she views the classroom; that learning extends beyond the four walls.  This, coupled with the impact from her own educational experiences, is where she believes the power of education lies – in connecting people to their places.