Anne Liebenthal

M. Anne Liebenthal grew up fishing and skiing in Southeastern Idaho with frequent summer excursions to Wyoming’s national parks.  Every year as a teen she attended summer camp in the Teton foothills and love for the Tetons became imprinted.  In 1980 she earned four outdoor experience credits and four biology credits through Ricks College Outdoor Experience Center during a block on horseback, hiking, and canoeing in this same wilderness.  She’s been a fan of place based education ever since.
Professionally, her pupils have ranged from pre-K to retirement age in both urban and rural communities ranging from Connecticut to Boise.  Her volunteer teaching has been in Peru, the U.K., and in various parts of the U.S., and has included learners of all ages.
Anne “came back home” from Colorado to be a helping hand to her ailing parents two years ago (with a hidden agenda of her incurable huckleberry and trout obsessions.)  She divulges huckleberry and fishing spots only to her three children, three children-in-law, and four grandchildren who visit from Colorado and Utah.