Dana Scott Andersson

Growing up in Montana, Dana spent summers working the family cattle ranch, fishing any stream she could cast to, and plucking cherries from her orchard. Her commitment to environmental stewardship can be traced to her Montana roots and working at the Wyoming Nature Conservancy and the National Outdoor Leadership School. Dana developed a passion for teaching through her experience as an AmeriCorps Field Educator at Teton Science Schools. She continued to work as a TSS Field Instructor for five seasons.

Interested in independent school experience, she left TSS to follow Jack Shea to the Meridian School in Seattle where she worked as the Administration and Development Intern and then 3rd Grade Faculty Associate. Wanting to further her career in natural science education Dana returned to TSS to attend the Graduate Program. Her immersion in curriculum design and student teaching at the Journeys school inspired her decision to follow a path towards becoming a classroom teacher. She is now at the University of Montana pursuing her Masters in Elementary Education, K-8 Teaching License and International Baccalaureate Certification. Dana is an emerging millennial philanthropist as a generation three of the Scott Family Foundation.