Frederick (Federico) Grant

Federico grew up both in Los Angeles , CA and in San Jose, Costa Rica. He studied Spanish Lit and Linguistics at UCLA. He developed his love and curiosity for nature thanks to his participation in the UCLA Sierra Club. After college he completed the CR Ministry of Tourism guide certification course with license#17. Additionally, he took another naturalist/Ecotourism guide certification course at the University of Costa Rica School of Biology. Plus he completed a 2 week field identification course in Tropical Natural History, Ornithology, Botany, Herpetology, climate, and Zoology through the CR National Museum. He is also a certified NAUI Scuba Divemaster and Instructor. He has been an avid bird watcher for many years, claiming over 600 species of birds seen in Costa Rica alone (out of 910 sp). He has worked as an adventure guide, trek leader, tour director & naturalist in Costa Rica, Mexico, CA, AZ, Guatemala, Belize, Panama and Galapagos Islands NP, Ecuador. He is keen on learning  and sharing everything he can about the GYE.

In 2001 he crossed North America from Washington DC to British Columbia , Canada , and south to Los Angeles in a VW Westfalia, indirectly following the Lewis & Clark trail (“Undaunted Courage” book as his inspiration).  His trip took him to Yellowstone NP where he sited his very first Bald Eagle, Grizzly bear, and herd of Bison. And he witnessed the geothermal magnificence of Old Faithful! Since then he has always wanted to go back to this volcanic/nature wonderland. He took a course in Volcanology with Dr. Van der Laat from the UCR. He has climbed several active and dormant volcanos throughout the world such as Mt Chimborazo NP, Ecuador, Mt Cotopaxi NP, Mt Ittzacihuatl  NP, Mexico, Mt Pacayas, Guatemala, Mt St Helens NP, WA, Mt Lassen NP, CA, Mt Batur NP, Bali, Mt Turrialba NP, Costa Rica, Mt Rincon de la Vieja NP, the “Yellowstone” of Costa Rica, amongst others. He is a great fan of volcanism! He is an avid mountain hiker and MTBiker.

Finally, he took a naturalist guide certification course through the University of Wyoming to enable him to better understand the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. His strong points are his passion and enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge and love of nature, wherever that may be.