Nicholas Spinelli

University of Phoenix

B.A. Environmental Science

‘All true paths lead through mountains,’ as Gary Snyder once said. The only problem for Nick was that there -were- no mountains in northeast Ohio. As a result, leaving his home was perhaps the hardest decision he ever made — but also the most rewarding. While completing his first degree online, he was fortunate enough to travel extensively across the Lower 48 and log time as a science teacher, naturalist, outreach coordinator and even (briefly) as a medic. He graduated with his B.A. in Environmental Science through University of Phoenix in November of 2018, and is humbled to take the next step in realizing his own potential so that he can help others do the same. In his ever-dwindling spare time, Nick enjoys mountain biking, trail running, listening to heavy metal at high volume while driving and reading whatever history books he can get his hands on.