Universidad Autonoma de Baja California Sur 2022, B.S. in Marine Biology 

Since she was a child, Salma has been passionate about being outdoors, especially on the beach discovering the wildlife. Growing up with whales she realized that she wanted to be a marine biologist and specialized in marine mammals, particularly whales from the Gulf of California. So, she got involved in wildlife and conservation causes in her community, La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. At the age of 17 years old she started volunteering with an NGO called Ecology Project International (EPI Mexico) in their eco-club “Californios Verdes”. Through these experiences, she discovered a new world, environmental education. During her university years, she worked with marine mammals, but she was also struggling between taking the marine mammal or environmental education path. So, her bachelor’s thesis was about blue whales on the Gulf of California, but she keep getting involved with different NGOs, like Earth Echo developing the campaign of 30×30 in Mexico, Sustainable Ocean Alliance being part of the executive team of the chapter in Mexico, doing the social service of University in the Mexican National Protected Areas Commission, and the best experience of her life working as a field instructor for an eco-club called “Aventureros” of Vermilion Sea Institute in a small fishermen village in the Gulf of California, Bahía de Los Angeles. In the end, with all the previous work she realized that being in environmental education and working with kids makes her happy and the direction she wants to take in her life because she can get involved with wildlife conservation causes and take, and share her childhood memories with the kids. Being in the TSS Graduate Program will help to improve her teaching and place-based education skills and be the best instructor she can be and that the kids deserve.