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Out in Nature, into Science

The Murie Center of Teton Science Schools is located on the Murie Ranch within Grand Teton National Park. The Ranch is where conservationists Olaus Murie, his wife Margaret (Mardy), scientist Adolph Murie and his wife Louise lived as they conducted landmark research in wildlife management and biological science. It was here, on this unassuming site, that the Wilderness Act and the modern conservation movement were born. The Murie Ranch was designated a National Historic Landmark on February 21, 2006 in recognition of their contributions.

Teton Science Schools now operates educational programs at The Murie Ranch that explore the science, arts and history of Jackson Hole and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.


Living & Learning: Discover the Tetons Through the Murie Legacy - Program #23112
Field Education
Sunday Jul 1, 2018 - Friday Jul 27, 2018

Tucked into the heart of Grand Teton National Park sits a cluster of cabins that make up the Murie Ranch. Purchased in 1945 by renowned conservationists Olaus and Adolf Murie and their wives, the ranch would become arguably, the birthplace of the 20th-century conservation movement. Stay at the historic Murie Ranch for four weeks to learn about the ranch’s historical and environment importance, explore the wildlife and natural beauty of the surrounding area and help preserve that natural beauty through meaningful service and citizen science projects. You’ll have lots of independent time to explore and become a part of a rural western community. Learn about the issues faced by Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park throughout history and today.

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