Teton Science Schools

Educating for a Vibrant World

Strategic Plan

The small field science school started in 1967 is still in the core DNA of the Teton Science Schools of today. The organization and world have evolved and we now can clearly state who TSS has become. Join us in the next three years to build our oneTSS foundation launching the next five decades of transformative place-based education. 

Our strategic plan is composed of five goals across three years. Under each goal is a list of three to four drivers that enable achievement of the stated goal.  Each driver is broken out by tactics across each of the three years.



Extraordinary Student and Participant Outcomes
Place-based education creates learning in communities to increase student engagement, academic outcomes, and impact in the community. TSS will be the place-based education institution sought after by students, participants, families, and organizations. Using current research-based practices, TSS will achieve outstanding student and participant outcomes at the intersection of field education, classroom education, and educator development. TSS will research programming impact on students and participants and use those findings to inform future practice. 

Outstanding Team
Extraordinary student outcomes are enabled by an outstanding team. TSS attracts, develops, and retains a diverse group of engaged and talented employees. TSS is known to have top educators and professional administration and is sought after as a place to work and volunteer. Employees are supported with the tools to do their job, recognized for their contributions, provided opportunities for growth and development, and held accountable to high standards. The TSS Executive Team draws from faculty, employee, Board, and Committee member expertise in guiding TSS to our organizational mission. TSS Board and Committee members understand the organization, provide strong oversight and guidance, and know how their contributions further the mission.

Financial Strength and Operating Systems
Financial strength and improved operating systems will build the business foundation for the next decade of TSS. Improved marketing processes will allow TSS to improve student recruitment and enrollment. Improved decision making will provide greater transparency and create a strong culture of accountability. Increased financial strength will focus attention on filling existing capacity, effective resource utilization, and increasing TSS's ability to proactively manage its future.

Community Engagement
Community engagement is woven into teaching and learning at TSS. We educate through the TSS Framework - our educatonal approach, community leadership, and an intentional culture creating reciprocal relationships with community institutions serving real community needs and improving student learning outcomes. Through authentic engagement we are an integral member of our surrounding communities.                                                              
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
All people deserve access to placed-based education. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) will make TSS more relevant and improve outcomes for all students and participants we serve. TSS employees will gain greater DEI literacy and will build rapport with all participants, particularly those different from themselves. TSS will increase impact with participants from a broader range of backgrounds, particularly race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and class. Strategies will vary by program area to best reach target populations - the greater Teton region for Journeys School and Teton Valley Community School and the nation for Field Education, the Graduate Program, the Teacher Learning Center, and Wildlife Expeditions. 

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