Field Education

Out in Nature, into Science

Campus Life

Jackson Campus

Members reside in Coyote Canyon where our Jackson Campus is located.  The campus consists of 9 buildings serving Field Education Programs, our pre-K - 12th grade Journeys School, our challenge course, and administrative teams.  Campus runs programming all year round and is typically a busy place.  The canyon is located within a migration corridor and there are often great sightings of wildlife like mule deer, foxes, coyotes, and moose.  


Food and Lodging

Room and board is included within the term of service.  Our members live on the Jackson Campus of Teton Science Schools in Coyote Canyon.  We have two residential lodges where visiting participants stay.  AmeriCorps members live on the 3rd floors of these lodges with up to two roommates. Each room has twin beds, dressers, and a bathroom plus shower room.  

Life Outside of Coyote Canyon  

Campus is about 2 miles from a grocery store and 4 miles from downtown Jackson.  We are located on the Teton County bike path network with easy access for travel in all directions.  With Grand Teton National Park right in our backyard and various trail systems close to town, there is much to do and see!  On off days, people often find themselves out exploring, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, wildlife watching, biking, swimming, climbing, and reading a great book at the beautiful Teton County Library.      



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