Middle School Parent Meeting
Please join the middle school faculty on Wednesday, October 5th for a parent meeting. You will have an opportunity to have one-on-one meetings with middle school faculty for approximately ten minutes. This is an opportunity to discuss your student’s progress thus far in the year, ask questions, and get to know your student’s teachers. Faculty will be available from 5-7pm. In order to accommodate busy schedules, you may sign up online for a specific time slot with a specific teacher(s). Sign up directions were sent via email on Thursday. Please contact your advisor with any questions. We look forward to seeing you Wednesday!


Need Math Help?
Come to Math Cafe, in the south classroom of the high school at lunch on Mondays and Wednesdays. In addition, individual teachers are willing to make appointments for extra math time. For example, Cate Roscoe is available during recess (after 11:30) Monday-Thursday. Bart Liles is available during lunch on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, as well as at learning lab on Wednesdays. Olivia is available most days during lunch and during learning labs. Contact your child’s math teacher or advisor with any questions.

Ultimate Frisbee
Mondays, October 3-November 14
Ultimate Frisbee starts October 3 and runs through November 14 for six sessions (we won't meet October 10 when there is no school). Ultimate Frisbee will meet outside on the playfield, 3:30-5:00 on Mondays. Players will need to bring athletic clothes and shoes, including both a white shirt and a colored shirt. This program is only open to 6th-12th grade students. The cost is $90 per student, but if the cost would prevent your child from participating please contact Tammie to discuss other options. We currently have six players which leaves plenty of room for more participants. If you are interested, please contact Sam (sam.kitchen@journeysschool.org) or one of the coaches: Travis Gay (travis.gay@journeysschool.org) and Cate Roscoe (cate.roscoe@journeysschool.org) or just show up on Monday at 3:30! This will surely be an amazing first Ultimate Frisbee experience at Journeys School!


Middle School to Meet With US Special Representative
On Tuesday, October 4th, middle school students will have the opportunity to meet with Farah Pandith, US Special Representative to Muslim Communities. In addition to her work in over 50 countries to help foster international understanding, Pandith focuses on youth. She will discuss her 2011 Hours Against Hate campaign with students. The campaign is a call to action, encouraging students to embrace all cultures and celebrate our differences and the values that connect us. This opportunity is a fantastic addition to our curricular them of World Cultures. In addition to her time at Journeys School, Pandith will be speaking at the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts on Wednesday, October 5th at 7pm. More information on that talk can be found at: http://www.jhcenterforthearts.org/calendar/event/farah-pandith. Prior to Pandith’s Tuesday visit with the middle school, please discuss with your student her role in the international community and help him/her think about questions.

NetClassroom is Up and Running!
The NetClassroom program has many uses, including checking on your middle school child’s progress and grades. You can access NetClassroom by clicking here or on the Journeys School website under Family Resources, Classroom Resources. Please contact your child’s advisor if you are having difficulty accessing or using NetClassroom.


Clean Rags & A Clean Building
Thank you to Rhonda Watson and Jodi Livingood for helping to wash the middle school rags! Between Hands to Work jobs and lunch clean-up, middle school students give our rags some heavy use. We are so appreciative of these parents for taking the time to wash them at home and make sure we are prepared for another week of cleaning. If you are interested in helping to donate rags/towels and getting involved with the cleaning rotation, please let your student’s advisor know. We hope to recruit a few more volunteers. Thank you in advance!

On Your Child’s Mind
This week, announcements will provide an overview of what your child is learning in language arts, math, physical education, and technology.


Language Arts: Students are completing work started on the journey investigating their classmates by writing creative classmate biographies. These biographies focus on the “best day ever” for that student. In preparing for this writing project, students have done a variety of prewriting activities to highlight the importance of utilizing figurative language, painting pictures with their words, and using narrative structure to create a strong short story. Building on topics discussed in social studies, such as Hall’s Culture Iceberg Model, students will incorporate visible and invisible aspects of their classmate’s culture into their story. Ask your child about their biography and what juicy words, vivid verbs, and figurative language they have employed to paint a picture of his/her classmate.

Math 1: Students had a great time exploring number properties, including factors and the area model for multiplication and division by building rectangular arrays with some brave grandmothers last Friday during Grandparents' and Grandfriends' Day.

Math 2: Students will start divisibility, factors, and directed numbers. Ask your child for an explanation of directed numbers. Vocabulary is a big part of learning the fundamentals of middle school math.

Math 3: The students just wrapped up their first assessment of the year. Well done! Next up for Math 3 is percentages and interest, where students will tackle applied real-world problems.

Physical Education: As the volleyball unit comes to a close, the run up Vogel’s hill complete and the world series just around the corner, it is time for SOFTBALL! If your student owns a baseball/softball glove, they are encouraged to bring it to class for the next month. They can leave them at school; just make sure their name is somewhere on the glove. Along with softball, fitness assessments will be intermixed before the end of the quarter. Fitness testing is a way for students to measure their aerobic endurance, strength, and flexibility. Fitness assessments are not part of a student’s grade for PE, but rather a way to let students see where they rank on a healthy fitness zone scale. Please contact Khale Reno if you have further questions.

Online Bibliography Tool
Following the technological trend of college communities, middle school students will employ an online tool for formatting their bibliography citations. With this site, www.BibMe.org, students are required to enter pertinent information about the source they are citing (for example, the book’s title, author, publisher, city, and year) so the responsibility of keeping track of sources is still theirs, but the MLA formatting is done for them. Students can also use a search function to find the publisher information, which is especially useful if a classroom is sharing one copy of a book or magazine.


This is a free website and students have the option to create an account, which allows them to save their bibliographies and export their citations to a word document. The age requirement for creating an account is 13 years old. If your student is under this age, parent permission is required. Please sit down with your son or daughter and peruse BibMe’s site. If you grant permission to register for an account, please help him or her do so (under the age of 13).

More about BibMe: “BibMe started in January 2007 as a student project in the Information Systems department of Carnegie Mellon University. BibMe was designed with the goal of taking the hassle out of creating a bibliography. We felt that after spending weeks working on an essay or research paper, the last thing a student wants to do is spend countless hours formatting citations. We wanted to create a tool that would enable our users to spend more time working on their essays and research papers, and less time worrying about their bibliographies.”

Citation for this quote created by BibMe: "BibMe: Fast & Easy Bibliography Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian - Free." BibMe: Fast & Easy Bibliography Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian - Free. N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Sept. 2010. http://www.bibme.org/about.

Important Dates
Wednesday, October 5: Middle School Parent Night, 5-7pm (Sign up online for one-on-one parent-teacher conferences)
Thursday, October 6: Parent Council Coffee
Friday, October 7: No School, Columbus Day Break
Monday, October 10: No School, Columbus Day Break, Faculty Professional Development
Friday, October 28: End of First Quarter, Grades 6-12
Thursday, November 3: Parent Council Coffee
Friday, November 4: No School, Faculty Professional Development
Saturday, November 5: 5th Annual Bunnery Benefit
Wednesday, November 9: State of the School Dinner
Friday, November 18: Early Dismissal, 12:30 (PreK-12)
Monday - Friday, November 21-25: No School, Thanksgiving Break