Stop by Valley Bookstore for Upcoming Language Arts Unit
The Hunger Games craze has dove-tailed perfectly with our study of Modern Cultures this semester. Our last unit of the year will focus on dystopian literature (Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, 1984 by George Orwell, and Feed by M.T. Anderson). For this study students have chosen one book from the list above to read. Because of the objectives and activities associated with this unit, students are required to have their own copies of the book. Please pick up your child’s copy of the book this weekend. Valley Bookstore (125 North Cache, in Gaslight Alley, across from Teton Theatre) is providing a 20% discount on these books, and we have ordered what the students have requested; mention you are purchasing the book for the Journeys School Book Club. All the books are available on Kindle as well for affordable prices. Contact Margot with any questions ( Thanks!

Waiver Needed for Salt Lake City Journey (6-7th only)
For the physical education component of the Salt Lake City journey, we will be spending an evening at the Airborne Trampoline Arena. Every student needs to have an online waiver filled out in order to be able to jump. Please complete this waiver by May 14th.

pArtners in the Middle School
In order to restore energy and creativity in the midst of a week of standardized testing, students created visual art and learned new dance moves as part of a pArtner’s grant. Students worked with local artist Sarah Lott to create mosaics that represent paintings by Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso, or architectural designs by Antoni Gaudi. Additionally, under the instruction of Ryan Kelly and Josh St. John, students learned hip hop dances. These enrichment activities provided students with an opportunity to apply their knowledge of modern art and art critiques as well as reinforce the dance unit they completed in physical education in the first semester. These projects were crucial creative and physical outlets during a potentially stressful testing week.

Spring Journey to Salt Lake City, Utah
Monday, May 21 - Thursday, May 24

To extend this semester’s investigations into “World Cultures: The Modern Era,” sixth and seventh grade students will journey to Salt Lake City, the largest modern metropolis in our area. This journey will take place during the week of May 21st to May 25th. Students should bring their packed bags and one field lunch to school on Monday, where we will meet at 8:15 am in the lower parking lot. We will return to Journeys School on Thursday afternoon in time for the 2:30 pm activities shuttle and regular 3:30 pm pick-up at the bus circle. Friday will be an academic journey-related school day with normal hours. Please see the parent letter and packing list (emailed to families) for more details.

Capstone Rite-of-Passage Journey
Monday, May 21 - Thursday, May 24

The 8th grade students are busily preparing for the rite-of-passage journey in the Gros Ventre Mountains from May 21-24. Like the six classes of 8th grade students before them, they are both excited and anxious. With the guidance of Tom, Margot, and Kevin Taylor, a primitive skills expert, students will be well prepared for the journey. A letter outlining the journey, including a packing list, was emailed to parents three weeks ago. Please contact either Tom or Margot if you need an additional copy of the letter or have other questions ( or

On Your Child’s Mind
What is your child studying in language arts, math, and 8th grade Capstone classes? Read on and find out!

Language Arts: The unit on Animal Farm will wrap up next week with an in-class essay on the anatomy of a revolution and how the book follows it, including connections to the Russian Revolution. A study of dystopian literature follows. Thank goodness for our weekly dose of poetry to pull our studies out of the grave commentaries of these modern pieces of literature! Local poet Matt Daly has been visiting our class weekly since spring break on a grant through pARTners to promote poetry and direct interactions between students and artists. Each class of the residency includes activities that focus on listening, writing, speaking, and reading, the four components of language arts. To understand different forms and techniques, students listen to various poets such as Billy Collins, William Carlos Williams, Patricia Smith, Taylor Mali, Robert Pinksy and Daly himself. Using a variety of exercises, students write their own poetry, reworking pieces to fit many different forms and explore different structures to find the one that works best with each of their poems. Students present their own work for each other and read each other’s poems to gain feedback and inspiration. Ask your child about the poems they have written. What form do they prefer? What themes do their poems express?

Recently Math 1 has been running around outside a lot! We’ve played steal the bacon to hone our skills with directional numbers, and we’ve been on the big rope Cartesian coordinate system, learning how to graph. Moving forward, these skills will be applies to mapping and then the graphing of data, building important pre-algebra skills.

Capstone students spend their first afternoon with Teton Science Schools faculty member Kevin Taylor. After learning a bit about Kevin’s background with the Rite of Passage journey and his personal interests in primitive skills, the students dove into making journals for the upcoming trip. Rite of Passage journals are made of elk hide and sinew that Kevin hunted in this valley, butchered with tools he’s made, stretched and tanned, using all primitive methods. After two hours of constructing a journal that could be purchased in a store in mere minutes, the students came away with a great appreciation for the time and energy that goes into something as special as an elk hide journal. This was the first of many special lessons taught by Kevin, and the students are eager to learn more from him.

Thank You for Testing Week Snacks!
The middle school is ever grateful for the snacks provided by Daniela Botur, Jane Carhart, Caroline Croft, and Libby Hall during the ERB CTP-4 testing week. From various fruit to gluten free brownies, these healthy snacks fueled our brains for successful testing performance. Thank you!

Important Dates
Friday, May 4: Journeys School Talent Show, Jackson Campus, 5:00-7:00 pm
Tuesday, May 15: Bring a Friend Day (Grades 3-11)
Monday, May 21-Thursday, May 24: Grades 6-7 Journey to Salt Lake City
Monday, May 21-Thursday, May 24: 8th Grade Rite of Passage Journey
Wednesday, June 6: Alumni Reception, 4:30-5:30 pm
Wednesday, June 6: Graduation and End of Year Celebration, 5:30-7:30 pm
Friday, June 8: Student Achievement Celebration
Tuesday, June 12: Last Day of School