Out and About in the Community!
As second semester begins, seniors who have chosen an alternative path for their Capstone year, the Community Integration Program, will begin their internships.  This year, senior Forrest Bucholz will be interning at Square One Engineering and Jack Burkitt will be interning at Teton Gravity Research. These internships are planned ahead, documented during, and have tangible outcomes relating to their objectives. Upon completion, each participant will also present to their peers sharing their experience in the spring. Students in the high school have several options for graduation requirements and are encouraged to choose the one that best serves them. 

Thank You!
The high school student body and faculty are very grateful to the family who provided a Chinese buffet for our lunch on Wednesday to celebrate the end of the first semester. We appreciate your generosity and support!

No School For HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS on January 30
Nancy Lang and David Porter have decided to call “Head’s Day Off” for high school students on Tuesday, January 30. This will be a no-school day for only high school students. Other school levels will be in session. We are granting this day off to allow students to catch up with school work and service learning. Although there will be no classes on the 30th, teachers will not design lessons to be learned independently. This is truly a day to catch up, offer service, and rest. Students should return on January 31 caught up and ready to engage and learn

January 31 Special Programming
On January 31 Grand Teton Music Festival musicians will perform for high school students. The Festival reaches out to schools annually to provide free performances along with educational material about the instruments the musicians play and the works they perform. We appreciate the generous programming the Festival offers to our school. Following the performance, Matt Stech, Director of Student Growth and Learning, will work with high school students to present a suicide prevention workshop.

Winter Journey February 13-15
The high school winter journey will take place February 13-15 at Teton Science Schools Kelly Campus. A letter that provides an overview of our curriculum and community plans as well as the packing list will be emailed in early February. Please contact your child’s advisor if there are any needs during this time that will necessitate coming and going from the journey.