Achievement Celebration Photos
It's that time of year again to celebrate middle and high school students' achievements in extra curricular activities! The Achievement Celebration will take place on Friday, June 3rd at 1:00pm in the dining lodge, and parents are invited!  Please help us by sending any pictures you may have of your child participating in sports, plays, debates, robotics, competitions, etc.! Please send your photos to by Tuesday, June 1st so we can include them in our slide show at the Achievement Celebration. Thank you all very much. We can't wait to see our students in action!

High School Years Concluding for 12th Grade     
As of Wednesday, the students of the class of 2016 took the final IB exam, a higher level math assessment. Most students completed their exams last week and spent the remainder of their school days completing their Creativity, Action, Service projects and electronic portfolios. When you read this announcement students will either be on their way to or will be in Costa Rica, taking part in the 12th grade Capstone journey. David Porter is the faculty member on the trip this year. Students will travel with the educational travel company Chill Expeditions. The focus of the trip will be the sustainability of Costa Rica and will include an immersive language experience, authentic cultural exchange, and adventure. The students, and their chaperone, are excited for the trip. Expect to hear some highlights of the journey, the students’ high school experience, and the IB program at graduation on June 1.