Biology HL/SL (11th & 12th grade students)
Post spring break, biology classes will change slightly in order to better prepare seniors for the diploma program and to support juniors in continuing to move through content. Currently courses are mixed 11th and 12th graders based on the higher or standard level track. Following spring break biology courses will be mixed HL and SL, with 11th grade students in one class and 12th grade students in the other class. Please contact Amanda if you have any questions.

9th Grade Band Presentations
Parents of 9th grade band students are invited to a presentation we are doing for the middle school band students. This will take place during our last week of band class, on May 17th from 2:05 until about 2:35.  We will be performing a "Star Wars" medley as well as a medley of classical tunes (most are featured in Fantasia) called "Creepy Classics".  We hope you can stop by to hear the 9th grade band. This performance will take place in the music room, upstairs in the TLC.
We will also be performing on June 9th at the annual Extra-Curricular Awards Assembly in the Dining Lodge. Look for more information to come on that assembly.  We will be performing Star Wars at this event, so if you do not make it to the May presentation, you will have another chance to hear our HS Band play.