Remember: No School Monday, then journeys next week! See dates below

Geologists of Jackson Hole Visit
Thanks to Liz and Mike for preparing third and fourth grade students for the geology journey next week. Students had great lessons on geologic time and different rock forms and identification.

Young Author's Awards Ceremony
Unfortunately, the Wyoming Young Author's awards night is during our journeys this year on Wednesday, May 31st starting at 5 pm at the Teton County Library. Parents are still welcome to attend and accept the award for their child. JS will send a representative who can bring back the awards to school to distribute them.

Sunscreen and Layers
Hooray! We are finally ready to recommend applying sunscreen in the mornings and dressing in layers for our cool mornings and warm afternoons. Now that students are back on the hill, doing a tick check at home at the end of the day is also recommended.

ERBs for 3-5 Grade Students
Thank you to Meladi, Kit, and Addie for ERB snacks- yum!

As we compile, collate, and print for each child, expect the ERB results to be sent home within the next few weeks. We recommend speaking in general terms with your child about results, as this is just one snapshot from one day delivered in a very traditional format. Some students develop a lot of anxiety around taking this kind of test when too much weight is given to this one assessment, versus looking at the year long picture of growth and accomplishment. Bring curiosity to the table and ask your student how they think they did. Did they go fast? Feel confident? What were their strengths and what can they improve upon next time? Thank you for your support.

Final Weeks of School
As we wind down the year, please know we value and depend on these final weeks of school for finishing projects, completing final assessments, and moving through all of our planned curriculum. If you know of any absences, please let your child's advisor know asap. Thank you.

Journeys Approaching
Thank you for returning journey forms to school as soon as possible. It is vital for planning purposes (lodging, meals, and transportation) to know our final numbers.
May 30- June 1 (Change from the original dates- we apologize for impacts on family schedules)
K-1st grade: Teton Valley, Idaho (one overnight on May 31 at Journeys School)
2nd grade: Yellowstone (two overnights). Information is posted on Haiku.
3rd-4th grade: Thermopolis, Wyoming (two overnights)
5th grade: Colorado River; May 30- June 3 (four overnights). Information is posted on Haiku.

Exciting Events and Opportunities Coming UP

May 22-26th: 5th Grade Capstone Presentations
May 25th: Elementary Art Show 1:15 to 3:15
June 7th: Graduation (mandatory for fifth grade students)
June 8th: Second Grade Capstone Presentations
June 14th: Early Release for last day of school. Parents invited to come and watch or participate in the 4-5 versus teacher kickball game at 11:30 and leave with students at 12:15.


Thank you to our snack/rag volunteers for the remainder of the year!
5/26 Deanna/snack, Cindy D./rags
6/2 Heidi/snack, Cindy D./rags
6/9 Corbin/rags
6/16 Cindy D./rags