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Current updates by grade level.

  • Wednesday February 1, 2012
  • High School Announcements

    The school has revised its activities shuttle policy to better ensure that all students may have a ride from Journeys School to Teton County School District schools every afternoon in order to take part in extra-curricular activities
  • Friday January 20, 2012
  • Elementary School Announcements

    Are you interested in your child's weekly school schedule? What days do they have art? What days do they have P.E.?
  • High School Announcements

    A quick reminder about the winter journey for your planning purposes: Please block off February 15-17, 2012 on your schedule for your students to participate.
  • Middle School Announcements

    On Wednesday, February 8, the seventh graders, led by the eighth grade capstone class, will hold an event that supports both Teton Raptor Center and Jackson Hole Fire/EMS.
  • Pre-Kindergarten Announcements

    Thank you to Helen Macauley for your help with community lunch. There are so many things to set up!
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