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Out in Nature, into Science

Place-Based Education Workshop: Embedded in your Field Education Program
Teacher Learning Center
Wednesday Aug 1, 2018 - Saturday Jun 1, 2019

Teton Science Schools is offering a professional development program focused on place-based education while schools visit for Field Education programs. The Introduction to Place-Based Education program includes an evening program, a day of observations (while fulfilling chaperone responsibilities), and a closing reflection session.

"The place-based education evening program that we had while Chaminade attended our TSS Field Education gave us the chance to focus on our own teaching practice. The program gave us an opportunity to consider new ways to implement place-based learning in our classrooms, and it gave our students a chance to be more independent while we were in the program. The PD was excellent and will enhance the education of our students. Our students will be better prepared for the trip next year." - David McCoy

The goals of the professional development experience are:

  • To introduce the participants to place-based education
  • To provide the participants strategies for implementing place-based curricula back at their schools.  

Teacher participants would leave the program with an understanding of what place-based education is and at least two ideas for how to implement it back in their schools and communities.Teacher participants are also eligible for 1 credit from University of Wyoming or 1 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) from the Wyoming Professional Teachers Standards Board. Teachers pay directly to UW for $50/ credit.  


Number of teachers


2-4 teachers


5-10 teachers


11-15 teachers


16-20 teachers


20+ teachers (necessitates a 2nd faculty)



These prices apply for teachers within approved ratio of chaperones to students. If a school chooses to send more teachers to participate in the professional development and serve as chaperones, additional fees for meals, lodging, and programming will apply if space exists for those teachers to stay on campus. (Credits are an additional fee.)  

Teachers should register for the program when contracting with TSS for the field education program and the Field Education & Teacher Learning Center faculty will work together closely in scheduling and planning the program with the visiting group’s overall experience in mind.  

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