Wildlife Expeditions

Journey to the Wild

Sunset Expedition (4 Hours)
Wildlife Expeditions
Dates Offered: Year-round
Cost: $130/Adult, $99/Child(6-12), Free Under 6 w/ Parent

Book Online or Call 1.877.404.6626

Sunset Expeditions offer a four-hour introduction to the wildlife of the Greater Yellowstone Geo-ecosystem, taking advantage of times of day when animals are the most active. Expedition leaders know the best wildlife viewing spots, understand animal behavior and teach you how to find and observe wildlife on your own - without disturbing the animals or endangering yourself. Participants typically see a variety of species of birds and animals, including Jackson Hole's large-hoofed mammals. Our customized, safari-style vehicles are equipped with retractable roof hatches and sliding windows to maximize observation opportunities.


Please download, complete, and return these forms to Wildlife Expeditions at least 24 hours prior to your trip departure or bring the completed forms with you on the day of your expedition.
Email: info@wildlifeexpeditions.org
Fax: 307.733.0096

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