Graduate Program

Teach. Learn. Lead.

Degree Completion

Over the course of the program at Teton Science Schools, students earn 32 transferable graduate credits through the University of Wyoming, of which 15 are typically accepted at other universities. These credits may be applied toward either a master’s degree in education or environmental science. Official transcripts are issued from the University of Wyoming.

Our partner universities have recognized the high caliber of students who attend Teton Science Schools' Graduate Program. As a result, many universities have developed post-Teton Science Schools programs and accept a higher than average number of transfer credits. Our primary partner is the University of Wyoming’s Science and Mathematics Teaching Center and The Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources. Other partner institutions include Antioch University, Montana State University, Prescott College and Utah State University. That said, some students complete their graduate degrees at universities of their own selection so that they have more flexibility and options. Incoming graduate students do not need to matriculate at these schools until either during or after the program.

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