Graduate Program

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Degree Completion

Over the course of the program at Teton Science Schools, students earn 32 transferable graduate credits through the University of Wyoming, of which 15 are typically accepted at other universities. These credits may be applied toward either a master’s degree in education or environmental science. Official transcripts are issued from the University of Wyoming.

While our principal partner is the University of Wyoming’s Science and Mathematics Teaching Center and The Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources, many of our students have completed their graduate degrees at universities throughout the country. Students have flexibility to select an institution that best fits their career plans to complete their Master’s degrees, be it at one of our partner schools; or by transferring credits to other accredited graduate institutions. Our partner universities recognize the high caliber students who have come through the Teton Science Schools Graduate Program; as a result they have developed articulated degree completion pathways and accept more than the normal number of transfer credits. It is important to note that incoming graduate students do not need to matriculate at these schools. Matriculation can take place either during or after the TSS program.

Please Note: Graduate education is a very individualized experience. Successful admission and completion depends on the requirements of the graduate program and university, as well as on the prospective student’s academic background and undergraduate coursework. Certain deficiencies in coursework (or the requirements of a student’s graduate committee) may require longer time or credit commitments than what are outlined below. Therefore, we strongly encourage prospective students to have their undergraduate transcripts reviewed by the university program to determine what their individual requirements will be to complete the program of interest.

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