Graduate Program

Teach. Learn. Lead.


Curious about the various opportunities you could explore after graduation? Our program has nearly 400 alumni from our 20+ year history, who have become nonprofit leaders, business owners and highly effective educators and school administrators. Below are a few examples of alumni who are making a difference.

  • Ashley Anderson, Class of 2015

    “The biggest memory that I have is of being in schools with teachers and at the end of the day having them come up to you and say ‘you are the person we need in our school.’”
  • Erin Tanzer, Class of 2009

    “It was really exciting to be involved with education that was more innovate and progressive, and where we encouraged our participants to ask why and wonder. My year in the grad program was a turning point in how I thought about learning and teaching and experiencing the world.”
  • Michael Posthumus, Class of 2009

    “TSS helped me understand the power of connecting an individual to a local context and then begin to apply that; I began to understand why that could be a really valuable thing, and that it could be so much more than just environmental education, that it could apply to many other fields.”
  • Merrilyne Lundahl, Class of 2006

    "The graduate program offered me extended time in an ecosystem that nurtured curiosity and health, a strong sense of community and ongoing networks of support and opportunity, and solid foundations in education. Through the grad program, I engaged theories and pedagogies of education that continue to influence my work as a teacher, and I had my first experience with qualitative education research, which has become a major part of my scholarly identity."
  • Phil Cameron, Class of 2004

    "The opportunities that I had by virtue of participating in the program have been amazing, and I don’t think that I would be where I am or as effective as I am without the experience that I had as a resident graduate.”
  • Miho Aida, Class of 2000

    "I came to the United States to pursue my dream to become an environmental educator. Teton Science School was where I landed. 18 years has passed since then, and I still reflect back on the fundamental lessons I learned from that time when teaching my students. Without Teton Science School, I wouldn't be where I am today."
  • Nate McClennen, Class of 1997

    "Right now, because of what I learned during the TSS Graduate Program I continue to be deeply committed to moving the needle on educational transformation and innovation to make the world a better place."
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