Phil Cameron
Graduate Class: 2004
Degree(s): B.S. Geology, Amherst College
Current Profession: Executive Director of Energy Conservation Works, Jackson Wyoming

Path to the Graduate Program of Teton Science Schools:

Phil was born in the Great Lakes area of Northeastern Ohio before heading east to study geology at Amherst College, where he met his future wife, Robin, who also went on to participate in the Teton Science Schools’ Graduate Program. Phil became interested in the Graduate Program at Teton Science Schools as a way to apply his environmental knowledge, and as a way to better communicate that information.

Impact of the Graduate Program

While in the program, Phil distinctly remembers moments in which his students had extraordinary experiences. He said, “I remember, there were a couple of students that were from Los Angeles that literally had never seen the night sky—that experience, sitting with kids who had such a profound experience with something that so many people take for granted—that still sticks with me.”

Although Phil entered the program without a concept of an end goal, he said that, “I ended up receiving a powerful academic experience to better understand the local ecosystem. I learned a great deal about non-profit functioning, which I think was instrumental in leading me down the path that I’ve gone, and I strongly bolstered my ability to communicate.”

After the Program

After the program, Phil “hit the ground running with non-traditional education and outreach,” before becoming involved with local resource management through research and consulting. Phil is now the founding executive director for Energy Conservation Works, which is dedicated to improving the energy efficiency and innovation of Jackson Hole. He enjoys
having a local focus and making an impact in the community where he lives.