Erin Tanzer
Graduate Class: 2009
Degree(s): B.S. Secondary Education & English Literature, St. Michael’s College
M.A. Place-Based Education, Prescott College
Current Profession: Pre-Kindergarten Lead Faculty at Teton Science Schools’ Teton Valley Community School & TSS Teacher Learning Center Adjunct Faculty

Path to the Graduate Program of Teton Science Schools

Erin Tanzer came to the Teton Science Schools’ Graduate Program from a traditional teaching background, which she developed during her time at St. Michael’s College in Vermont. Originally from a rural community in New Hampshire, Erin headed west to Jackson Hole after her undergraduate education. While working in Jackson, Erin was introduced to the graduate program, fell in love with it, applied, and was accepted.

Impact of the Graduate Program

“It was really exciting to be involved with education that was more innovate and progressive, and where we encouraged our participants to ask why and wonder,” Erin said. “My year in the grad program was a turning point in how I thought about learning and teaching and experiencing the world.”

Additionally, Erin worked with preschoolers during her capstone experience, which forever changed the group that she was most drawn to working with. She said, “You have this year in the grad program to do whatever you really need and want to do, and I took that opportunity to teach an age group that scared me, and it ended up changing the course of my teaching career.”

After the Program

After the program, Erin finished her master’s in place-based education at Prescott College. She stayed involved with Teton Science Schools, working at the Journeys School while completing her degree.

While piloting programs at Teton Science Schools’ Teton Valley Community School, Erin fell in love with the school and was hired on as a pre-kindergarten assistant teacher; she has taught there since. Erin is also an adjunct faculty of the TSS Teacher Learning Center.