Ashley Anderson
Graduate Class: 2015
Degree(s): B.S. Environmental Science & Conservation Biology, University of Vermont, M.S. Environment and Natural Resources & Natural Science Education, M.A. Place-Based Education, Prescott College
Current Profession: Wyoming Game and Fish Conservation Education Coordinator

Path to the Graduate Program of Teton Science Schools

Although Ashley grew up in the suburbs, her vivid memories of youthful trips and adventures in the natural world drew her to UVM, where she studied environmental science and conservation biology. Ashley’s studies led her to the Casper Mountain School in Wyoming, where she found out about the graduate program at Teton Science Schools as a way to continue her professional development in environmental education. Before joining the program she also worked at a wildlife center in Illinois and served as director for a summer camp.

Impact of the Graduate Program

When she arrived at the Teton Science Schools Graduate Program, Ashley found that she had more teaching experience than many in her cohort—however, she feels that this offered her a chance to focus on leadership and other skills. “I really valued learning about curriculum design and lesson-planning,” she said.

Ashley’s favorite part of the program was outreach, which was when she felt herself to be most challenged. Ashley said, “the biggest memory is of being in schools with teachers and at the end of the day having them come up to you and say ‘you are the person we need in our school.’”

After the Program

Shortly after the program, Ashley found her dream job as the Wyoming Conservation Education Coordinator for Game and Fish; when applying, she found that “they knew about the grad program and they were impressed by that.”

Working at Game and Fish was always an end-goal for Ashley, and she said, “it’s fun to work with people all over the state and have such a big impact on what I feel is an essential part of education, which is conservation education.”