Graduate Program

Teach. Learn. Lead.

Core Competencies

The Graduate Program focuses on the development of four core competencies that serve as targets for growth, points of dialogue and criteria for assessment. Each of these core competencies emphasizes enduring understanding of fundamental theories.

Effective Educator
An effective educator understands that successful instruction requires intention and passion combined with thoughtful design and craft directed towards inspiring meaningful curiosity and engagement.

We encourage the growth of effective educators through intentional and personal mentorship during teaching practica, as well as through academic emphasis on instructional strategy, design, and theory.

Knowledgeable Field Scientist
Knowledgeable field scientists understand that relationships connect observable patterns and ecological processes, and that such complex interactions characterize social-ecological systems.

Your skills as a field scientist will be developed with academic focus and refined through personal engagement with place-based education that emphasizes interactions between humans and the environment.

Innovative Leader
Innovative leadership that inspires a group towards a shared vision is essential in order to address complex social issues and create dynamic organizations.

We guide students towards innovative leadership styles through opportunities for leadership through teaching and community, as well as through seminars and discussions on organizational leadership.

Conscientious Community Member
Engaged community members help to create communities that balance shared and individual needs through an understanding that interdependence inherently exists within systems and communities.

On the Kelly Campus you will be part of an intentional learning community that emphasizes shared experience, interdependence, and diversity and inclusion.

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