Graduate Program

Teach. Learn. Lead.

Graduate Curriculum

The academic component of the Graduate Program provides instruction and knowledge development in place-based education through the lens of interdisciplinary field science, educational theory, and community leadership. Our courses are semi-block scheduled for two to four weeks and interweave lectures, fieldwork, classroom presentations, and independent projects. The semi-block course schedule means that some academic courses overlap, but still provides time for in-depth focus on each course. You will receive graduate-level semester credits for all courses.

Fall Semester
Emphases: Introduction to Place-based Education and Field Science Teaching Practices

  • Introduction to Field Science Teaching - 3 credits
  • Community Ecology of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem - 3 credits
  • Principles of Place-Based Education - 3 credits
  • Fall Teaching Practicum - 2 credits

Spring Semester
Emphases: Best practices in place-based instruction, winter ecology, and social-ecological systems

  • Winter Ecology of the Yellowstone Ecosystem - 2 Credits
  • Advanced Instructional Strategies – 3 credits
  • Spring Teaching Practicum - 4 credits
  • Ecological Inquiry – 3 credits

Summer Session
Emphasis: Final capstone synthesis of yearlong learning

  • Advanced Elements of Field Ecology Course Design - 5 credits
  • Capstone Teaching Practicum – 4 credits
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