Graduate Program

Teach. Learn. Lead.

Graduate Curriculum

The academic component of the Graduate Program provides instruction and knowledge development in ecological field science, educational theory and educational leadership. The courses are generally block scheduled for two to four weeks and interweave lectures, fieldwork, classroom presentations and independent projects. All courses are graduate level semester credits.

Fall Semester
Emphases: Introduction to Place-based Education and Field Science Teaching Practices

  • Introduction to Field Science Teaching - 3 credits
  • Community Ecology of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem - 3 credits
  • Principles of Place-Based Education - 3 credits
  • Fall Teaching Practicum - 2 credits

Spring Semester
Emphases: Best practices in place-based instruction, winter ecology, and social-ecological systems

  • Winter Ecology of the Yellowstone Ecosystem - 2 Credits
  • Advanced Instructional Strategies – 3 credits
  • Spring Teaching Practicum - 4 credits
  • Ecological Inquiry – 3 credits

Summer Session
Emphasis: Final capstone synthesis of yearlong learning

  • Advanced Elements of Field Ecology Course Design - 5 credits
  • Capstone Teaching Practicum – 4 credits
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