Graduate Program

Teach. Learn. Lead.

Campus Resources

Kelly Campus is home to numerous resources for students to access while in the Graduate Program. These include a library, the Stokes Lab and a dedicated graduate office space. A gear/tech storage area houses optics, winter activity gear, hiking gear and other teaching materials for programmatic use. Additional resources are located on the Jackson Campus of Teton Science Schools.

The Kelly Campus of Teton Science Schools is also closely tied to the legacy of the Mardy and Olaus Murie. In the early 1900s, the Muries were leading biologists and conservationists in the American West and were instrumental in the creation of the Wilderness Act. The Kelly Campus is home to the Murie Museum, which contains a third of the biological specimen collection from Adolph (Olaus' brother) and Olaus Murie. The collection includes hundreds of preserved birds and mammals, the Markow-Murie Herbarium and hands-on teaching collections for student interaction. Proximity and close ties to the historic Murie Ranch provide ample opportunities to experience the rich legacy of the Muries’ conservation work.

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