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Current Students

  • Alexander Sivitskis
    B.A Earth and Planetary Science; Classics, Johns Hopkins University

    Growing up among the old growth forests and the glaciated peaks of New England, Alex was influenced by the natural world from a young age. While pursuing a degree in Earth Sciences from Johns Hopkins, Alex gained much of his field research experience working on geoarchaeological projects in the mountains of Oman and Ethiopia. Since graduation, he has served in multiple AmeriCorps and conservation internships including teaching place based education in Wyoming and working as a GIS & remote sensing technician in Colorado. 

  • Allison Cross

    B.A. Biology, Mount Marty College

    A place that has influenced where I am today is a small patch of land in Clay County, South Dakota, where a man named Jerry Wilson is working to preserve what is left of the native prairie. This "field trip" for my college ecology class struck a chord in me and truly opened my eyes to the importance of biodiversity, conservation, and educating others about these issues. 

  • Asnoldo Benitez

    BS Civil Engineering Minor in Math: University of Colorado Denver Campus

    As a 2014 Legacy Camp participant with the Natural Leaders Network, he was inspired to change career paths.  His interest in the outdoors developed while exploring, observing, and discussing nature with his grandmother in Aberdeen Idaho.

  • Chloe Joesten

    B.S. Wildlife Biology and Applied Vertebrate Ecology, Humboldt State University

    Living in Northern California solidified my wonder and appreciation for nature. I met like-minded individuals whose travel and experiences led me to exploring the Greater Yellowstone Area, thus leading me to finding the T.S.S. Graduate Program.

  • Claire Barnwell

    B.A. in Environmental Studies and Spanish, Anthropology minor, Albright College

    Tumacacori, Arizona has both influenced who I am and where I have been. The environment here is much different than any place I have experienced. I never knew a desert could be so green - and that cacti could grow so big!

  • Kaitlin Rookus

    B.A. in Sociology: University of California at Santa Cruz

    Zion National Park contributed to my fascination with the natural world. I was on top of its East Rim where I realized how small humans are in the face of natural grandeur and how important it is that we care for our environment and appreciate it.  It was through many visits to Zion and various other natural places that have brought me to Teton Science Schools, hoping to learn about yet another natural environment and teach about environmental awareness and appreciation.

  • Lauren Dierkes 

    B.S. in Biology and Psychology: Truman State University

    An influential place for her is in Potosi, MO called Camp Lakewood. That's where her interests in the outdoors and education began. 

  • Mateus Da Costa
    B.A. in Environmental Studies: Florida Gulf Coast University

    One place that has greatly influenced both who and where I am today is the Chewonki Foundation in Wiscasset, Maine. There, I learned how to interpret any environment as a naturalist and further developed my sense of wonder for the natural world with an enthusiastic approach.

  • Meredith Lampier

    B.A. in Environmental Studies & Political Science: George Washington University

    As a California native, Meredith worked for the last year as an assistant teacher at a Los Angeles charter school. She also spent time teaching science concepts and outdoors skills in the awe-inspiring wildernesses of California, Idaho, Massachusetts, Chile and Australia. She is passionate about facilitating impactful and empowering experiences for students. In her spare time, Meredith can be found running, hiking, reading, and savoring quality time with friends.

  • Sara Burrell

    B.S. Geology, B.S. Biology; University of Wyoming

    While many of the US National Parks have played a significant role in my personal and professional growth, Canyonlands National Park stands out the most. The stark beauty of the high desert, the importance of conservation to locals and visitors alike, and the thriving outdoor recreation industry inspired me to focus on ecosystem science and conservation while also driving my need to help show others the wonders of the great outdoors. 

  • Sarah Thacher

    B.S. Environmental Studies, New York University

    Since leaving the urban environment, I have worked and played in the outdoors as a vegetable farmer, athlete, and citizen scientist. Largely shaped by the mountains and waves of coastal Northern California, I was excited to explore new peaks in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

  • Tom Crowell

    B.S. Computer Science/Economics, Trinity College

    The Ocean – for risk, adventure, and reward, Natural Landscapes – for nourishing the soul. If you need one specific place then it would be a small cabin and the surrounding property the family owns in Grafton, VT. 


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