Teton Science Schools

Educating for a Vibrant World


In July of 2015, Teton Science Schools created an Education and Innovation program to lead and design new initiatives. Education and Innovation partners with existing program areas to support the effort to expand and scale the impact of the mission.

The program operates under the following principles:

  1. Framework Focused: We approach innovation through the same framework used by other Teton Science Schools programs. We inquire into existing programs or potential mission-fit opportunities, understand the community and user need, and design and test solutions.
  2. Bias Towards Action: We spend more time learning through implementation and less time planning. We believe that we can create better solutions by creating quickly and learning from early failures on minimal viable products.
  3. Measure and Share: We measure our results against defined outcomes and share what we have learned with the organization and beyond.
  4. Implement: If a solution is successful, we support implementation as an established program at Teton Science Schools.
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