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Blended Learning

Teton Science Schools is designing, building and piloting a number of online delivery solutions to support the implementation of place-based education across the world. For more information on any of these initiatives, contact nate.mcclennen@tetonscience.org.

  1. Place Schools Online - The Place Schools Online model is a modular, competency-based, interdisciplinary curriculum for K-12 students. Currently in pilot mode, the model supports home-school students, teachers interested in curriculum units that are locally relevant and academically challenging. Curriculum is integrated in a manner that teaches students to better understand and engage in local and global communities. While students will be retrieving curricula online, they will also be interacting in and engaging with the community within which they live. Students are taught to inquire into their communities through ecological, social, and economic lenses. Our approach uses the scientific method to observe, question, predict, collect, analyze, and discuss around an area of inquiry. Students are taught to design solutions around the challenges they discover through inquiry by defining, planning, creating, and evaluating. The curriculum can be used in part or whole. Micro-credit is awarded for each completed unit. Current Pilot Courses Available here.
  2. Winter Term - The Winter Term model is a hybrid learning experience for Journeys School students interested in a combination of on-site schooling in the mornings from Monday through Thursday and online learning at the student’s own pace and own place. The curriculum uses the Place Schools curriculum. The program runs January through March. [pilot phase]
  3. Place Micro-Schools - Place Micro-Schools are designed as small community schools run by interested groups of parents, teachers, or community members and following the Place Schools Online curriculum to guide learning. Micro-school founders are responsible for instruction and assessment. [planning phase]
  4. Teacher Micro-Credentialing - Teton Science Schools is building a set of digital teacher micro-credentials to support the professional development of teachers interested in better integrating curriculum into community. Current Pilot Courses Available here.


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