Teton Science Schools

Educating for a Vibrant World

The Teton Science Schools' Educational Research Program directly informs both Teton Science Schools (TSS) programs and broader educational field on the impacts of place-based education. Specifically, the program tests the three major hypotheses of our programs: 1) Increased student and teacher engagement, 2) increased learner outcomes, 3) increased impact and understanding of place.

The Educational Research Program partners with universities to conduct on-site and distance research with funding through joint grants. If you are interested in partnering on a grant or a research project, please contact kevin.krasnow@tetonscience.org.

The Program periodically releases Research Briefs highlighting research conducted within one of our programs.

Research Brief # 1Exploring the impacts of Teton Science Schools’ field education programs on visiting teachers’ beliefs and practices about place­based education. (Thomson, J. 2016)

Research Brief # 2Impact of Teton Science Schools' professional development program on student and teacher engagement, learning, and community involvement (Teton Science Schools Research Program, 2016).

Research Brief # 3Impact of Teton Science Schools' Field Education programs on student science learning and attitude towards science (Teton Science Schools Research Program, 2016).

Research Brief # 4: Impact of Place-Based Education Professional Development Programs in Bhutan (Koinis, N., 2016).

Research Brief # 5: Memories as useful outcomes of residential outdoor environmental education (Liddicoat, K. R., & Krasny, M. E., 2014).

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