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Thursday July 28, 2011

Old Faithful
Watching Old Faithful was amazing. It had a few false starts, but when it finally went it was beautiful. We all learned that the geyser has a short and long length. The short length was 80 feet which is what we saw and the long was around 180 feet.

Grand Prismatic Spring
Today we saw many springs, but Grand Prismatic Spring was definitely a cut above the rest. We hiked up a short, really steep path to get a view from above and although it was difficult, it was worth it. The spring was huge, almost twice as big as the other large springs we saw and the colors were to die for. The middle was a deep azure blue and the colors surrounding the center ranged from green to rust red on the edges. The colors were so brilliant it was almost as though there were gems in the water! It was so beautiful you wanted to touch it, but with the scalding water that would be fatal. It was deadly beauty.

Geothermal Features
So yesterday we went to Yellowstone. It only took about 2 hours, not including stops to get to the actual park. When we got there we had snack and saw Old Faithful. It was only for about 2 minutes and it wasn’t as big as I thought it would be. We also saw some hot springs which were pretty cool, but weird because the pools were different colors on the edges. It was beautiful! Some of the hot springs were right near the boiling point and some were so hot that they didn’t have any colors. Overall I think that both these land features are amazing.

An Evening at our Campsite in Yellowstone
Once we got to the campsite we set up our tents. Before we started working on our action projects we played “Bob the Monkey.” During the campfire we worked in our tent groups and performed short skits about our favorite memories. As we ate our amazing s’mores we sang songs. When we went to be we could see all the stars and it was so cool.

Friday July 29, 2011

Last night everyone had a blast with the evening activities. Some of last night’s activities were singing by the campfire (including Happy Birthday to Josyln). Making s’mores and pitching the tents. “The campfire last night was really fun,” said Kayla. I think camping and pitching the tents helped everyone bond and have a lot of fun with one another.

Wildlife Wonders
Today we stopped at a pull-off because we saw a lot of cars pulled over. We then got our scopes set up and we saw a mama grizzly bear with her 2 cubs. It was so fantastic and it was what all of us wanted to see. Then we saw a bunch of bison and some elk in one spot crossing a river and later some mule deer.

Artist Point
Today is our last full day together. As a whole we are both sad and excited to go. We’ve exchanged numbers with everyone and we just can’t wait to get back to our family and friends so we can tell of all our awesome experiences: from sleeping in ice-cold sleeping bags to battling mosquitos in the field. That didn’t stop us from having fun and sight-seeing today at Artist Point. It is a place to see a beautiful river that flows through a canyon of its own creation. Trees looked no bigger than ants compared to the monstrous largeness of the canyon. Streaks of color marked the landscape further punctuating its uniqueness. In short, it was cool.

Highlights of the Trip
I learned many things from this experience. I met so many girls here and made lots of friends. I also learned lots of info on the Tetons, which was fascinating. I saw so much wildlife and learned a lot about all the animals.

Closing Thoughts
Wow, it’s been such an amazingly awesome week and I don’t know if I can summarize it in just a few sentences! Our camping experience in Yellowstone was great. I think that everybody should take a couple of days aside and camp out there. The sites were gorgeous and absolutely breathtaking. It’s hard to believe that everybody will go home tomorrow, but hopefully we’ll see each other sometime again in the future. It was great meeting my new, hilarious and generally the awesomest friends ever.

Action Projects - Saturday July 30, 2011

Before departing from the Teton Science Schools, each girl shared an idea for a nature or stewardship-based action project she worked on throughout the week. Action projects are a way for the girls to take inspiration from their experiences in Wyoming and share their skills, talents, and knowledge with others in order to give back to their communities. With the support of family, friends, mentors, and fellow Girl Scouts, the action projects provide an opportunity for girls to actively live the Girl Scout Promise and the Girl Scout Law. Girls may even chose to further develop their project into a Silver or Gold Award project.

Action Project Ideas

For my action project I plan on raising money for a wildlife organization. To do this my troop and I could take pictures of nature and have a gallery showing at our meeting place. The money would be raised by selling our photographs and also having a donation box. Hopefully we can hold a gallery every season and raise even more money for charity. Learning about wildlife in Wyoming was great and I think that my action project can give back to the community. –Rosie

I will start a recycling program at my school to help the community stay clean. –Madison A.

I will have a day where different restaurants come and sell healthy foods on recyclable plates. There will be trails for you to hike on. There will also be organizations there that are trying to help the Chesapeake Bay. –Isabella

I will rebuild a bridge that recently broke so people don’t ruin the plants by stepping on them. I will also add signs on what type of plants they are so the community will learn the different plants –Lana

I will take a hike while picking-up garbage on a trail for younger Girl Scouts. –Brenna

I will educate younger Girl Scouts about our area and the wildlife in it. –Abby

I will save the number of turtles in CMCH because I will set up fencing to protect them. –Joslyn

I will take younger girls out on a nature hike. On this hike we will gather trash and natural objects and we might sing and play games. I might also teach the girls some things. After this hike we will wash the items we collected and the girls will make things out of them. –Kendra

I will set up recycling bins and cans around our village and on our beaches. This will make our town much greener than it already is. This will turn into my Silver Award project. I will get the help I need from a Village Trustee and a garbage man/ garbage manager that works for our village. –Catherine

Going with my troop and planting flowers at less-fortunate homes. We can get seeds from a local store. We can put up fliers at church to see who needs help. -Diane

My action project is to take the Brownies from my troop on a walk through the park cleaning it and planting flowers. For doing this the girls can even receive a patch and receive a certificate saying they helped make the Earth greener! –Tyiesha

My best idea for an action project is to fix and replant a trail in my community. –Madison

One thing I would like to do is to plant a community garden. –Amanda

My idea for an action project in my community is to get students in middle and high school to do trail maintenance in the Fells. Students would pick up litter and remove fallen logs from the pats one day in the fall. I would really like to see the Fells looking cleaner and more of the younger generation in nature and taking care of the environment. –Kayla

I will donate supplies and volunteer at least twice a month at an animal shelter with my troop and other troops. That way the animals will get more food and be warmer in the winter. –Mackenzie

I would like to start a nature corner in the children’s hospital. I would fill it with nature’s best books and activities. I would love to do this as my Silver Award. I would like to finish it in the next year. –Gussy

I will do presentations about this trip. I will teach games, do talks about the environment, show pictures, etc. –Kinsey

I would like to teach kids and young Girl Scouts about endangered animals in and around our community and tell them why they are important to keep in the community. –Megan

I will do a fundraiser to get money to plant trees. I will get with my friends and plant the trees. –Meg

I will run a book drive and educate people about everything I learned in Wyoming. All the money I make will be donated to an organization that supports wildlife. –Allison

My action project is to take my Daisy troop or Junior troop out and do a wildlife scavenger hunt. Take pieces of facts about animals and teach it to them. –Jasmine

I will educate my community on recycling by locating the nearest recycling plant and hopefully convincing my community to recycle more of their trash. –Becca D.

For my action project I will clean the trails of Veterans Park. Then bring Daisy and/or Brownie Girl Scouts for a hike through the woods. –Rebecca M.

My best idea for an action project is to host a nature walk for a local Brownie or Junior troop. I will take them down a trail in a local park and introduce them to the says nature can influence art. As we walk we will take breaks to make small art projects inspired by the world around us. –Taylor

My action project is to teach kids the wonders of Wyoming, encouraging them to try new experiences. They will earn through lessons, games, crafts, and photos of mine. I can’t wait to start! –Katie

Wyoming Wildlife Wonders 2011 has come to an end. The girls left today with many new memories to share and friends to cherish. Thank you for reading our blog!