...A lifetime of interest and stewardship in the natural world! Up-close encounters with beautiful, wild birds grab our visitor’s eyes, while linking our actions to their well-being puts consequence into thought. Our research tries to understand how development like houses affects riparian (habitats near flowing water) songbird populations in Jackson Hole, WY, by assessing productivity (how many offspring are created) and survivorship (if the offspring live).

We introduce people of all ages to banding and how the information we collect can not only help the birds, but the rest of the environment and people, too! Comparing past man-made mistakes which impacted wildlife to modern day potential problems reminds everyone to learn from history and consider how certain actions might impact our world. The story of the DDT pesticide and the harmful effect it had on bird populations is often told, followed by the importance of keeping an eye on nature for slight signs that something might be wrong. This illuminates the need for consistent research and monitoring efforts, so that we can identify and address issues early, ensuring both nature and people are healthy and happy!