Teton Science Schools

Educating for a Vibrant World

  • Monday November 30, 2015
  • Lessons in Place

    Ask every member of the Teton Science Schools’ Field Education team why they do what they do, and you’re likely to find yourself peering into a constellation of diverse personal motives. Many will share stories of childhood adventures in nature and their wish to share these experiences with another generation.
  • Thursday November 26, 2015
  • Connecting Classrooms and Communities with New Technology

    Teton Science Schools will be using the Motivis learning relationship management (LRM) platform to enable a new initiative: a program for students in grades 3-8 that blends an online learning experience with a place-based approach.
  • Wednesday November 25, 2015
  • Patrick Daley Joins TSS

    Teton Science Schools recently hired Patrick Daley as the Vice President of Advancement.
  • Monday November 16, 2015
  • A Change in Perspective

    This past October, I had the pleasure of working with a group of 8th grade students from Berkeley Carroll, a school in Brooklyn, NY. As an environmental field educator in the Tetons, I traditionally teach middle school students from the Wyoming, Salt Lake City, and Idaho areas.
  • Monday November 9, 2015
  • From the Silver Fridge: Hummus

    Hummus is one of the more popular lunch items in the Teton Science Schools’ dining lodge, both in our lunch bar, where students pack their field lunches, and in the silver fridge, where staff scrounge for leftovers and sandwich makings for the day.
  • Friday November 6, 2015
  • Celebrating the Creativity of Young Minds in the Tetons: Mixed Media

    Editor’s Note: Teton Science Schools Field Education experiences cultivate the skills of young scientists, artists, and naturalists. This week on the TSS blog, we celebrate the creativity of our students in a series of five posts featuring student work in just as many media: writing, drawing, painting, weaving, and mixed media. We hope you enjoy this nature-inspired work.


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