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  • Thursday May 19, 2011
  • Two Exciting Weeks in May for the Teacher Learning Center

    May has already brought four exciting events for the Teacher Learning Center: a meeting with Wyoming Governor Matt Mead, a teacher workshop at the Murie Center, and outreach programs with 157 students at four schools in Teton Valley, Idaho and Lander, Wyoming.
  • New Wildlife Ecologist Joins Conservation Research Center

    The Conservation Research Center announces an addition to its staff. Wildlife Ecologist, Michael Rowell, has joined the CRC to participate in the organization’s contract stewardship and research programs.
  • Spring in Jackson Hole

    These are exciting times indeed! There seems to be elk in every snowless area of Grand Teton Park right now. Imagine how wonderful that green, succulent, easily digested, vitamin and mineral-filled, lignin-less herbaceous vegetation must taste to the elk.
  • Thursday April 21, 2011
  • Looking for Summer Fun? Register for Youth and Family Adventures Today!

    Reserve your space today for Summer Youth Adventures and Summer Family Adventures as spaces are quickly filling. Summer Adventures are a fun, healthy way for children and families to spend time outdoors and learn about Grand Teton National Park and the surrounding areas.
  • Nocturnal Noises

    It is 6:15 p.m. and the start of evening programs. Tonight is my favorite activity, the night hike. A night hike is unlike any other evening program. It is a sensory experience that teaches students about nocturnal animals adaptations. As humans, we are not nocturnal creatures.
  • Exploring Turpin Ridge

    As we skirted around Lobo Hill, headed east from the Kelly Campus, the moon was rising to our right. The morning was much warmer than the day before. Luckily, a firm crust was still in place across Upper Meadow as we headed towards Turpin Ridge. Five days ago, Brian Welsh – a


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