Teton Science Schools

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  • Thursday April 21, 2011
  • Safer Wildlife Crossings

    On the afternoon of April 5th, Wildlife Expeditions provided transportation for a field trip along Hwy 89 between the town of Jackson and Hoback Junction for representatives of the Jackson Community concerned with safer highways for wildlife. A group called Safe Wildlife Crossings for Jackson Hole
  • Thursday March 17, 2011
  • 'Tis the Season to Celebrate Journeys School's 10th Year

    Ten Years of Journeys School- Founded in 2001 and Thriving in 2011!
  • Spring Break at Teton Science Schools

    A group of Kelly Walsh High School students, parents, and teachers from Casper, Wyoming enjoyed an active Spring Break at Teton Science Schools this month. They arrived eager but uncertain of what the week would hold for them individually and as a group, and they left
  • Engaging Visions of Education Across Programs

    On the final day of the Graduate Program Teaching Practicum experience at Journeys School, I took a walk through the various levels to take a final look at the products of graduate student presence and effort to guide meaningful learning experiences. I observed motivated students,
  • Spring Outreach Programs About to Kick Off

    The year-long professional development program includes two-four day long workshops in Jackson Hole, and an outreach program in the school. The outreach programs range in length from 2-5 days and with the following goals:
  • Rangeland Monitoring in Nevada

    The Contract Stewardship Program is beginning to plan for the summer field season and it looks like it will be another busy summer. Recently, the Conservation Research Center of Teton Science Schools began working with a new client in Nevada to begin the process of


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