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  • Thursday January 20, 2011
  • Field Education Team Welcomes Two New Members

    The Field Education Team has two new faculty members from Virginia. Tasha Purcell and Matt McGee join the Jackson Campus with a shared enthusiasm for exploring mountains; both have completed thru-hikes of the Appalachian Trail. They are both passionate about teaching
  • Graduate Students Look Forward and Remember Back

    The Winter Semester has begun at the Kelly Campus. With the seasonal shift, it's logical for our graduate students to begin thinking of steps beyond the Graduate Program. August, after all, is not too far away. So this month's entry is a check in with the graduate class of 2005-2006
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  • Explorations of Connection - Bhutan and the Teacher Learning Center

    Combat crawling to stay on the snow, Sonam Chhezang avoided sinking. Ugyen Lhendup was not so lucky; he had one leg hip deep in snow and the other foot still on the packed trail. The rest of the eight member delegation from Bhutan laughed and took pictures of their colleagues
  • Tinkering with Creativity

    A quick review of experiences at Journeys School in the last few weeks includes the following: winning the state championship for high school robotics, designing sculpture in the pre-kindergarten with scrap metal, creating short films for a national chemistry
  • Pika Party: Stop by the Rustic Inn for a Pikarita and Support Pika Research

    On Thursday, January 20 from 5-8 PM, the Rustic Inn Creekside and Spa in Jackson will generously donate 10% of food and beverage purchases to Teton Science Schools’ Pika Research Project.
  • Winter Wolves and the Wild West

    “Our group has just sighted a pack of wolves and now we are observing a National Park Service helicopter zero in on the pack to place radio telemetry collars on them!” Jared Baecker’s elated voice came through the phone with a scratchy connection. “Today is a good day.”


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