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  • Thursday December 16, 2010
  • How Do You Know Extraordinary Teaching When You See It?

    Salsa dancing, comparing communism and socialism, Spanish discourse on poetry, reading aloud to younger students and building online tour guides about international cities all occurred at Journeys School this week as I wandered the school. Students were not only engaged, but each was held individually responsible for his/her own learning.
  • Mule Deer Research Study Launches

    In July of this year, the Conservation Research Center of Teton Science Schools received funding from the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) and Federal Highway Administration (FHA) to conduct a three-year research project on mule deer responses
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  • Thursday November 18, 2010
  • $14,193 Raised for Journeys School at the 4th Annual Bunnery Benefit!

    Thank you to all those who were able to attend the 4th Annual Bunnery Benefit, whether it was for a plate of huevos rancheros or a quick muffin from the bakery. Enormous thanks to Caroline, Tony, and Luc Labbe, and Dominique and Gerald Yvernault, owners of the Bunnery,
  • Wapiti Wilderness

    For my last evening program of my fall AmeriCorps internship I took eight rowdy, excited girls from Jessup Middle School for a night hike along east bank of the Snake River. I have found that night hikes bring out a particular flavor of squirliness in middles school students, a mixture
  • Young Women Convene at the Kelly Campus

    In the final stretch of autumn, as elk bugling trailed off, the longstanding program Young Women and Science lit up the Kelly Campus. “This is so cool!” “Wow, that job sounds amazing.” Eighteen ninth grade girls gathered in Kelly for a week of science, leadership, hiking and
  • Teacher Training at the Murie Center

    For the second year Teton Science Schools have partnered with the Murie Center to offer teacher trainings. The program from October 28 - 31, 2010 was the first of the two part series and included 24 teachers from Wyoming and Idaho.


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