Journeys School

Learn. Think. Act.


The history of Journeys School begins with a contest. In the 1990s, the National Geographic Society recognized a gap between American and international students' geographic knowledge.  To address the issue, National Geographic offered prizes for a geography-based curriculum for American students. Knowing they were already skilled at delivering place-based education, TSS entered the contest. 

TSS faculty tested the Journeys curriculum with a small group of local families in Jackson Hole. Parents loved the program so much that some suggested that TSS use it as the foundation for a new school.

Initially, TSS wanted to create a charter school within the Teton County public school system. Despite tireless effort, TSS was unable to secure approval for Journeys School to become the first charter school in the state. Undaunted, the TSS board and staff, with local parent support, shifted their focus to the creation of an independent school. They trusted in the potential of their core concept to provide an innovative education. In 2001, Journeys School opened its doors to fifty students in kindergarten through 11th grade.

The growth of Journeys School confirms its powerful core values: academic excellence, extraordinary relationships, place-based education and global citizenship. Today nearly 180 students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade attend Journeys School. The Northwest Association of Independent Schools accredits the school. Journeys School now includes a Reggio Emilia pre-kindergarten for three- and four-year olds. Today, Journeys School is also an International Baccalaureate World School, and utilizes one of the most respected global curricula in the middle and high school years. All Journeys School students pre-k through 12th grade learn Spanish. All high school students experience extensive college counseling beginning in the ninth grade. Journeys graduates successfully graduate from colleges and universities around the country.  

The school has developed academically challenging curriculum, and holds onto its original philosophy.  Open-minded students and skilled faculty form an educational community in a unique setting.  They succeed in learning powerfully. Journeys School provides an outstanding education and more.


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