Journeys School

Learn. Think. Act.


Community Values

As a school community, we:

  1. try hard by working to our full potential at all times.
  2. treat with respect by honoring diverse opinions and backgrounds, representing ourselves and the school with high standards, and caring for the place where we are learning and those we are learning with.
  3. take responsibility for our own actions and learning.

Teaching Philosophy

Our classes are:

  1. student centered and differentiated to challenge all learners.
  2. based on respectful relationships and a whole-child approach.
  3. directed by authentic assessment and individual accountability.
  4. experiential, place-based, engaging, and relevant.

Academic Skills

Our students will have:

  1. exceptional verbal, technological, and written communication skills (Communication)
  2. collaborative skills to work well with others (Collaboration)
  3. a creative mind that recognizes novel and varied approaches to problem solving (Creativity/Problem Solving)
  4. leadership capacity in a variety of environments (Leadership)
  5. skills to understand, steward, and serve both local/global communities
    (Community Awareness)
  6. empathy, compassion, respect, and high ethical standards (Compassion)
  7. tools to synthesize and analyze connections between concepts (Synthesis/Analysis)
  8. discipline, organization, and commitment to complete difficult tasks (Organization/Persistence)

Academic Knowledge

Our students will understand:

  1. scientific foundations and principles of the world (Science)
  2. historical themes and emergence of these themes in the modern world (Social Studies)
  3. Spanish language and culture to impart a global perspective (World Language)
  4. principles of the fine arts as a form of expression and cultural understanding (Fine Arts)
  5. literature of the world and effective communication in the English language (Language Arts)
  6. mathematical principles and applications (Mathematics)
  7. foundations of physically active and healthy lifestyles (Physical Education and Health) 
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